1. We are a small, family owned company with very little overhead (meaning we can pass the savings on to our client). But with enough manpower and equipment to take on any size project large or small.

2. We are willing to work with donations of any kind to help our clients save money or even build a larger facility.

3. More often than not I will personally be on site to run the job. How often do you see company owners in the trenches with their crews?

4. No other firm has our 20+ years of continuous hands on experience with concrete park construction. Other companies have made some big claims. I recommend doing some research and reference checks prior to believing any of them.

5. We are honest, hard working men and women with a true passion for our work which is displayed in our glass smooth finished concrete products. No one else can achieve the “Dreamland Finish” like we do.

6. Our parks have been the favorite choice for professional skateboarders for over 20 years now.

7. We skate. That’s right! We ourselves are professional skaters and will make sure every line and every curve is perfect on every park we build.

8. Our roots of giving back to communities is still going strong today with volunteer work to expand Lincoln City Oregon, Burnside Oregon and numerous back yard projects as well.

9. When cities are pleasant to work with we often reward them with a larger facility (when approved) for free!

10. We are a sincerely honest and hard working team that has always been “a pleasure to work with” Our projects are always done right on time and within budget.

We look forward to helping you with your park!

Sincerely yours,
Mark Scott